Axel Bunt a.k.a. "Axel Colorful and Glossy"

Axel Bunt is an eccentric artist from Berlin who has pushed the boundaries of painting in his artworks to ensure a 3D experience. He creates reliefs or wall sculptures that protrude far into the room and thus give the impression that the depicted figures are escaping the canvas to tell their story in our three-dimensional world.

The works of art by Axel Bunt are made of MDF and Kapa and coloured with the very bright Perlacryl acrylic paint, which also creates a metallic shimmering effect. This extreme luminosity represents the artist’s positive attitude towards life, because for Axel Bunt there is no alternative to optimism. Axel Colorful and Glossy creates imaginative worlds that charge the viewer with positive energy. His works of art are well thought out and have a humorous touch, which can be seen above all in the thrilling titles. What all of his works have in common is that the animal figures symbolize the men who are helplessly at the mercy of a femme fatale.