Halyna Hamelink-Ihnatenko

Halyna`s works can be divided into two categories: Pop Art and Abstraction. The artist mainly works in large format with rich, bright colour palette and plays with the structure while applying the colours. Her abstracts in particular have a relief-like surface that creates an effect of sparkling colours.

The artist is characterized by excellent creative and manual skills. She works accurate and with great attention to detail. The art of Halyna is extraordinarily aesthetic and elegant. It takes the viewer into beautiful worlds and leaves a feeling of harmony.       

11.02.1960 born in Chernigiv, Ukraine

1981-85 studied design and arts at the Briansk University of Art, Russia

1985-88 works as an artist at the Chernigiv artists’ workshop, Ukraine

1988-91 works as artist for creative work and desig, level 6, at Chernigiv Radio Works in the department of the chief architect

1991-92 artist at the cooperative company „Spektr“ Chernigiv, Ukraine

1992-2003 owner of a textile shop in Chernigiv, Ukraine

2001-2004 studied pedagogy at the University of Chernigiv, Ukraine

2003-2006 director and teacher at the computer school in Chernigiv, Ukraine

2006 moved to Germany and was until 2011 leading worker in various businesses

2011-16 draftswoman and graphic designer in the internal field service at Haus-Sanierung-Beratung Indivo GmbH, Berlin

2011- until today freelance artist and owner of the art gallery „PostArt Gallery“ in Berlin

2020 July duo exhibition „Expressions of Spirituality“ at the PostArt Gallery, Berlin

2020 March group exhibition for the international women`s day „The Woman“ at Rehberg Gallery Berlin

2020 February duo exhibition „Surreal Reality“ at the PostArt Gallery, Berlin

2020 February group exhibition at culture salon at Forum Factory, Berlin

2019 June-August international group exhibition „InterArt“ in Pommernhus Kunsthalle, Greifswald

2019 May group exhibition „Multikolor“ at PostArt Gallery, Berlin

2019 January group exhibition „Senergy of Souls“ at PostArt Gallery, Berlin

2018 solo exhibition „Ein Traum in wie?“ at PostArt Gallery, Berlin

2017 December group exhibition „Woman´s melody“ at PostArt Gallery, Berlin

2017 solo exhibition „About love“ in the Russian House, Berlin

2017 February solo exhibition „The transplant of souls“ at PostArt Gallery, Berlin

2016 July group exhibition „Five Elements“ at PostArt Gallery, Berlin

2016 May group exhibition at culture salon at Forum Factory, Berlin

2016 April solo exhibition „The spiral of worldview“ at PostArt Gallery, Berlin

1984-2006 participation in various group exhibitions in Brjansk (Russia), Chernigiv (Ukraine), Montabauer (Germany)