The art of E-GLTH is minimalistic and complex at the same time. With minimal tools, such as permanent markers and charcoal, the artist creates graphic abstract scenes on canvas that have a profound meaning. Black lines that break through the horizon and divide the white surface of the picture into innumerable geometric elements point to transience, the fleeting, the positive and the negative in life. Abstract patterns become the substitute for letters in an expressive graphic language that represents the thinking process of the brain. The high-contrast correlation of black and white surfaces in E-GLTH´s works describes both the environment, with its landscapes and plants, as well as the inner life of a person, with his thoughts and feelings. With this, E-GLTH proves that you do not need any color or variety of materials to work expressively. The works of art by E-GLTH arise out of the moment and are unique because, like handwriting, they cannot be exactly repeated or copied.  

Born in Moscow, Russia

Lives and works in Berlin

2019 – „State of Uncertainly“, art days in Sektor Evolution, Dresden

2019 – „Landscapes“ in Kunst Galerie Hans, Dresden

2019 –  graphics exhibition for the publication oft he 26th edition of the literary magazine Maulkorb 26, Literaturhaus Villa Augustin, Dresden

2019 – „Waidwerk“, Hunting lodge Fasanerie Hermannsfeld

2019 – „Bilderberg_89_Bilderflut“, Wandel I, Städtische Galerie ada, Meiningen

2019 – „Bilderberg_89_Bilderflut“, Städtische Galerie ada, Meiningen

2018 – art book exhibition as part of VOLUMES – Art Publishing Days, Zürich

2018 – „Mail Art Project“ in Institut für alles Mögliche, Berlin

2018 – „Drawing in surface and space“ in Kunst Galerie Hans, Dresden

2017 – „Aquatinta to Drawing“ in Kunst Galerie Hans, Dresden

2017 – „Elbhangfest“ in Kunst Galerie Hans, Dresden

2017 – „Frühlingserwachen“ in Kunst Galerie Hans, Dresden

2015 –„Anonymous Draftsman“ in the pavilion at the Milchhof, Berlin