Julia Malvine

Malvine´s art is mainly dedicated to the animal kingdom and is characterized by a very realistic representation of nature. The members of various animal species are portrayed with attention to detail and worked out with fine brushstrokes. These are small format, almost filigree works of art. The artist adheres to the classic painting style, which was modeled on the old masters.  

Characteristic of Malvine´s art are extraordinary image details in the composition. At the same time the artist also plays with colors. Some paintings are homogeneous in color, where the color palette of the front area of the picture harmonizes with that of the background. Other works, on the other hand, rely on the contrast between foreground and background. The animal motifs stand out clearly from the environment in which they are depicted. It is not uncommon for Malvine`s works of art to have a humorous note and breathe life into the art piece.  

1980 born in Berlin

Lives and works as a freelance artist in Berlin.

2018 and 2019 exhibitions in „Glaube Liebe Hoffnung“, Berlin