Olga Schäfer

The spirited artist sees herself as a citizen of the planet earth and a lover of nature. For her, art is a means of expression to visually represent her thoughts, visions and views. Topics that affect her personally are processed through art and presented to the public. Olga Schäfer is not afraid to pillory the problems of this world. She wants to make herself heard with her paintings, installations and performances. Her art should touch the viewer deeply and encourage reflection. The artist experiments with various tools and materials and often incorporates recycled materials into her works.

Olga Schäfer is internationally active as an artist. Her artworks have been shown in Colombia, Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, USA, Egypt and Germany.

Olga Helena Schäfer Ortiz



  • 05.1973 born in Colombia
  • Freelance artist and architect

Her career as an artist began in Barcelona in 2000. There she run a producers` art gallery and still has an artist studio in Barcelona. She has lived and worked in Berlin since 2014.

She is currently doing her doctorate in architecture in Berlin on the subject of “Museum Island Berlin – Recycled Materials and Buildings”.

-2020. Mandala-Love. KulturSalon. Forum Factory. Berlin

-2019. Animated boxes. Contemporary contemplation rituals. Ohnefragetoll- Oft Vintage. Berlin

-2019. Without a voice. FemBunt. Berlin

-2019. Service against administrative violence, with the tutors SURT und SomSo. Plaza Sant Jaume. Barcelona

-2019. Tallers Oberts Ciutat Vella. Barcelona

-2019. In Kabarett of LABO. Barcelona.

 2018. «Subtile Rüstung» in Ins Kino. Filmforum. Cafe Madame. Berlin

– 2016. Kunst in Berlin. Made in Wedding. Berlin

– 2016. ADAdripping Showroom. Berlin

– 2013. Reborn from the ashes. SMACH. Constellations of art, culture and history in the Dolomites. San Martin de Tor-Italy

– 2012. Art Fair. Marina d’Or. Art week, 10. – 17. September. Oropesa de Mar-Valencia

– 2012. “Schizo”. Performance-Actionpainting. Marina d’Or. 12. September. Oropesa de Mar-Valencia

– 2012. «To survive». ART5 Gallery. 17. May – 7. June. Madrid

– 2012. “The duality”. ART5 Gallery. 15. March – 30. April. Madrid

– 2011. “Katharsis”. KLASSENZIMMER + I. Performance-Actionpainting. Medellin Colombia. Oktober 2011

– 2011. “Luoghi Sacri di Montagna”. Solo exhibition. Abbazia di Novaccella. Bressanone-Italy. 

– 2011. “Il Sasso Pütia”. Collective. Bal dles Stries. Passo delle Erbe. Antermoía- Italy

– 2010. “The last day …”. Action-Painting. ExpressArt. L Elèctric. December. Las Planas.

– 2010. “memory of a project”. Community Center Vallvidriera. November. Vallvidriera.

– 2010. “memory of a project”. Community Center L Elèctric. Las Planas.

– 2009. “If the man were…”. Collective. Synthesis exhibition. Oberts workshop. Modus

– 2009. Tallers Oberts. Exhibition at the workshop. Ciutat Vella. Barcelona.

– 2009. Donuts innen und anders. Community center Barceloneta. 5. – 30. March.

– 2008. Silance the baby is sleeping. Community center Barceloneta. Barcelona

– 2008. Tallers Oberts. Exhibition at the workshop. Ciutat Vella. Barcelona

– 2007. “Consequences”. Solo exhibition. Teart. Cerdanyola del Valles. Catalonia. 

– 2007. Tallers Oberts. Exhibition at the workshop. Ciutat Vella. Barcelona.

– 2007. “Olga Schaefer”. Solo exhibition. Paletdamientoslerie. Nashville.

– 2006. “Everything for art” Solo exhibition. Colombian General Consulate in Atlanta. 

– 2006. “Pastanaga Recontrataca”. Collective. In studio of Pastanagos.

– 2006. «The sacret and the profane. Visa for everyone … freedom & papers». Collective. FAD Barcelona crypt.  

– 2006. «Colors» Collective. Exhibition space of Comú dEncamp, Andorra. 

– 2006. Tallers Oberts 06. Exhibition at the workshop. Ciutat Vella. Barcelona. 

– 2005. “When man is what he ist o be”. Collective. Various art spaces. Barcelona. 

– 2005. Tallers Oberts 05. Exhibition at the workshop. Ciutat Vella. Barcelona. 21. – 29. May.

– 2005. “Building site”. Collective. Streifen Art. Guinardo Civic Center. Barcelona. 

– 2005. “Unnamed”. Solo exhibition. Equity Point. Madrid. 1. May – 1. June.

– 2005. “No name”. Solo exhibition. Barri Gotic. Barcelona. 1. February – 1. March.

– 2005. “Everyone goes the same way”. Solo exhibition. Various cultural association. Barcelona. 

– 2005. Image work, all year round for the Crea 21- catalog.

– 2004. «Defragmented». Solo exhibition. Varietes Bar. BCN Barcelona. 3. – 30. Oktober 

– 2004. «Fragments». Solo exhibition. Bar The Original BCN Barcelona. 8. July – 8. August

– 2004. “Turm mit Geode”Collective. Streifen Art. Guinardo Civic Center. Barcelona. 

– 2004. Tallers Oberts 04th exhibition at the workshop. Ciutat Vella. Barcelona. 15. – 23. May.

– 2004. «Barcelona». MAC-Zone. Collective. Barceloneta Civic Center. BCN Barcelona 

– 2004. «Boxes». Solo exhibition. BBT. Barcelona. 6. May – 6. June.

– 2004. “Contemporary monuments”. Solo exhibition. Colombian Consulate in Atlanta.

 – 2004. “Monuments”. Solo exhibition. La Musgaña Bar. Barcelona. 24. March – 25. May.

– 2004. “Dona Gata”. Solo exhibition. Drassanes Civic Center. Barcelona. 15. – 25. March.

– 2003. “Contemporary monuments in cultural culture”. Solo exhibition. Colombia gallery. Colombian General Consulate in Atlanta.

– 2003. «Animated boxes, controversial rituals». Collective. IV BAC Festival (Barcelona Contemporary Art. Gallery Casa Elizalde-La Santa. 

– 2003. “Five works”. Collective. Atlanta Artistic II. Grupo Cultura Foundation. Buckhead Library. Atlanta, USA. 4. Oktober – 1. November

– 2003. “Monument in contemporaneity”. Collective. Streifen Art. Espai Jupiter Boca North. Barcelona. 4. – 14. July

– 2003. “Life comes from crap”. Collective. Marato de l Espectacle. Mercat de las Flors. Barcelona. 6. – 7. June

– 2003. „Leave the body. Under a desecrated cloak”. Collective. Barceloneta Civic Center. MAC-Oposats. Barcelona. 9. – 30. May

– 2003. «La rambla en planta». Collective. Barcelona, ​​29. April – 12. May

– 2002. “The cat against the cat”. Collective. Espai Pastanaga. Barcelona. November

– 2002. “The Spanish people”. Collective. Espai Agusti Massana. Barcelona

– 2002. “Cat stories”. Collective. Tiegel Gallery. Barcelona. September.

– 2002. “The cat partrays”. Solo exhibition. Tiegel Gallery. Barcelona. September.